Horizontal Continuous Band Sealer Machine with Coder in Cebu City


Horizontal Continuous Band Sealer Machine with Coder

Horizontal Continuous Band Sealer Machine with Coder

Wide Application. The continuous band sealer machine is suitable for sealing and bag-making of various plastic and compound films. Widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries and other industries with great needs. Can seal bags made with thermoplastic materials including Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP) and heat-sealable laminations; Can seal plastic film or bags of various materials in various shapes. Industrial-grade machines designed for light-duty continuous bag sealing applications. Capable of sealing a wide range of bags such as stand-up pouches, gusseted bags, pillow-type bags, sachets, barriers bags, etc.

High Efficiency. With electronic thermostatical control and auto-transportation device, this machine can seal various shape of plastics film bags and be used for setting various packing lines without sealing length limit. Featuring high efficiency, continuous sealing, reliable quality and convenient operation.

Adjustable Height & Pressure. The up down and front behind of conveying table can be adjustable, according to the actual demand for parameter adjustment ,which improves work efficiency. The pressure control button also can be adjusted to meet different thickness of the bag.

Simple Operation Panel. The power button to turn on/off the machine. When the machine is working, you need to turn on the FAN switch, and the HEATSEAL switch. The speed button is for adjusting the sealing speed, the TEMPT CONTROLER for adjusting temperature.

Superior Quality. The Sealer adopts the design of roller conveyor, and the conveyor belt is thickened, which makes our sealing machine unlimited length.

The LSM-FRD1000 is a new generation continuous band sealing machine that can provide heat sealing for most food-grade plastic bags and equipped with ink roll for letter coding functionality. It comes with adjustable sealing speed and wide temperature control that is suitable for a wide range of packaging bags.



Measurements: 400mm(W) x 920mm(L) x 410mm(H) 
Supply Voltage: 220V, 50Hz 
Motor Power: 80W 
Lettering Electric Power: 60W x 2 
Sealing Linear Velocity: 0 - 16 (0 - 25) 
Sealing Width: 5 - 12 
Operating Temperature: 0 - 400 
Printing: Solid Ink Roller 
Conveying piece maximum load weight: < 2.5kg 
Conveying machine total load weight: < 7.5kg 
Net Machine Weight: 32kg