Laser Cup Tray Sealing Machines


LSM-110 Table Top Bottle Labeling Machine

LSM-110 Table Top Bottle Labeling Machine

- Latest Label-gap sensation system with Leuze digital sensor (no need to change for different labels or products)

- KEYENCE sensitivity product senor

- Labeling height (Y-axis) changeable with indicator

- X-axis able to finetune accordingly


Wrap Station

- Sponge belt driven by speed control motor

- Applicator synchronized by encoder

- Bottle diameter adjustment


Control System

- Programmed by microprocessor board

- Digital labeling parameters (start delay, peel length, peeling speed - if without encoder)

- Applicator switch

Looking for a compact yet efficient bottle labeling machine? Look no further! The LS-110 Table Top Bottle Labeling Machine is able to provide effective and fuss-free labeling for all of your commercial bottles! 
Simply place it on any table and it can churn out labels for bottles of various materials such as plastic and glass.


Measurements: 890mm(W) x 950mm(L) x 450mm(H)
Power: Stepper Motor
Max peeling speed: 13m/min
Labeling accuracy: +/- 1mm (depending on bottle and label)
Conveyor belt: standard width: 100mm (speed adjustable motor-driven)