Plastic Coffee Cup Dome Lid with Modern White Design 90mm in Cebu City


Plastic Coffee Cup Dome Lid with Modern White Design 90mm

Plastic Coffee Cup Dome Lid with Modern White Design 90mm

Premium Quality. Disposable white polystyrene plastic dome lid is suitable for use with many coffee hot cups (sold separately). This white plastic lid seals the hot cup for resistance to splashing and to slow the loss of heat from the cup's contents. It is made of polystyrene for rigidity and durability. This plastic lid has a dome that provides space for foam and toppings, and a rim with an outer lip and inner ring that secures the lid to the cup for resistance to leaking. The drink spout on this plastic lid is raised to provide space between the lid surface and the user's nose for comfort. 

Modern White Design. White plastic dome lids are designed for use with hot cups. Simple-to-use lids feature a hole for straw or sipping from cup. Lids grip the cup from both the inside and outside for an extra secure fit. Design allows stacking to make it easier to carry two cups at a time.

Hot Cup Lid. Keep to-go beverages perfectly portable cup lids. Ideal for steaming hot coffee, soothing tea, hot apple cider, or cocoa, the secure-fitting lid promotes neat containment of beverages. The cup lid makes a great choice for to-go orders, cafes, food trucks, and other types of hot-beverage service.

Elevated Drinking Spout. These lids feature an elevated spout that enables comfortable and enjoyable sipping. Plus, these lids are ventilated to ensure an uninterrupted and smooth flow of beverages.

Secure Fit. In a user-friendly design that both servers and guests alike will appreciate, the sturdy lid snaps into place easily, keeps beverages neatly contained, and promotes simple, mess-free sipping.

Recyclable. Constructed with 100% recyclable plastic, these plastic lids for hot cups make it easy to lessen your impact on the environment.


Suitable for Single Wall Cups and Double Wall Cups with 90mm Top Diameter 
Top Diameter:  90mm 
Color: White 
Packing Sizes: 1000pcs / box 
Minimum Order: 1 box