Plastic Flat Lid with Straw Slot and Clear Design 98mm in Cebu City


Plastic Flat Lid with Straw Slot and Clear Design 98mm

Plastic Flat Lid with Straw Slot and Clear Design 98mm

Premium Quality. Ultra clear cup flat lids provide exceptional clarity, allowing you to put your drinks and frosty treats on display. Durable, crack resistant pet construction makes it easy to transport beverages without spillage. One plastic lid works for a variety of cups, to conserve storage space and make customer service quick and easy. Excellent for serving smoothies, crushed ice drinks, milk tea and parfaits.

Flat Design. The lid provides a round, flat shape that fits securely over the top of a cold cup. It also provides space for pushing a straw through (cups and straws not included).

Compostable PLA Cold Cup Lid. Keep cold beverages neatly contained with help from this cold-cup plastic lid. The high-quantity pack of plastic lids makes a great choice for restaurants, cafes, or special events, offering exceptional convenience when serving to-go beverages.

Made of Clear PLA. Crafted from clear polylactic acid (PLA), the lid offers a transparent design that nicely displays a cup’s contents and makes it possible to check levels at a glance.

BPI Certified as Compostable. A great alternative to plastic, the PLA cold cup lid is Compostable Products Institute (BPI) certified as compostable, which ultimately means reduced waste created and ultimately less impact on the environment.


Suitable for PET Cups with 98mm Top Diameter
Top Diameter:  98mm 
Color: Clear 
Packing Sizes: 1000pcs / box 
Minimum Order: 1 box