Bubble Tea Clear Plastic Disposable PET Cup 500ml in Cebu City


Bubble Tea Clear Plastic Disposable PET Cup 500ml

Bubble Tea Clear Plastic Disposable PET Cup 500ml

VERSATILE: Our Clear Plastic Cups can hold Beverages such as Juices, Iced Coffee, Iced Tea, Bubble Boba Tea, Milk Tea, Lemonade, Smoothies, Parfait, Soda, Beer, Frozen Drinks, Mixed Drinks, Cocktails, Frappuccino's, Lattes and More!

QUALITY: PET Plastic Cup Technology insures that these Plastic Cups are Crystal Clear, Durable, Impact and Crack Resistant.

BPA-FREE: Means that our Disposable Plastic Cups are 100% Recyclable, Non-Toxic, Safe to Drink and designed to preserve the Taste / Aroma of food or liquid placed in them.

EASE OF USE: Go Cups, Drink Cups, Disposable Cups, Travel Cups and Take Out Cups. A Perfect Addition to Parties, Starbucks Runs, Outdoor and Indoor Event's, Restaurants, Cafe's, Baristas, Coffee Shops, and Kitchens.



Capacity: 500 ML 
Top Diameter:  98mm 
Material: PET 
Color: Clear 
Packing Sizes: 1000pcs / box  
Minimum Order: 1 box  

Note: Lids sold separately 

To order corresponding lid, please order: 

Flat Lid Code:  LSP-C98PET-FLAT-LID 
Dome Lid Code:  LSP-98PET-HO-DOME-LID 
Packing Sizes: 2000pcs / box 
Minimum Order: 1 box