White Oval Plastic Food Tray 2 Compartment in Cebu City


White Oval Plastic Food Tray 2 Compartment

White Oval Plastic Food Tray 2 Compartment

KEEPS FOOD FRESH: White plastic food tray containers are made from highly durable food-safe plastic. Airtight sealing films to keep food fresh for longer. Great for the office, work, school, gym, travel or picnics. Ideal for salads, meats, vegetables and other foods you want to store. Our plastic trays containers are made with more expensive high-quality plastic, so THICKER, STRONGER and MORE DURABLE than cheaper competitor brands.

MICROWAVE AND FREEZER SAFE: Made from PREMIUM plastic and certified BPA free, these plastic tray containers can withstand high and low temperatures, so they can be heated up or cooled down. Safe to use in the microwave and freezer. 

HEAVY DUTY, NOT FLIMSY, WON’T BREAK EASILY: Cheaper alternatives bend, break, crack or even melt when you heat them up. Not ours! These plastic tray containers are ultra-durable and built to last. 


Size: 150 x 200 x 43mm (W x L x H)

Material: PP