Laser Cup Tray Sealing Machines


LSM-N206 Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machine

LSM-N206 Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machine

- Fully automated; resembles assembly-line packaging system

- Simultaneous filling and sealing process

- Stainless steel structure enhance durability and prevent rust & corrosion

- Eyemark sensor allows high precision bag cutting/sealing and proper allocation of packaging labels

- An advanced model that occupies less floor space but faster production rate.

- Highly suitable for users who face spatial constraint issues  

The LS-DCJ300 VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Sealing) machine is a state of the art packaging machine that emulates the production speed and capacity of a asembly line packaging system, while occupying significantly less floor space. It is suitable for an assortment of liquid products (e.g. syrup, juice, jam paste, oil, sauce, soup and shampoo).
Measurements: 730mm(W) x 1010mm(L) x 1780mm(H)
Material: Stainless Steel
Sealing Type: Back Seal
Packaging Speed: 20~50 bags per minute (depends on bag size)
Filling Capacity: 80~500ml 
Power: 220V, 2150W