Paper Bowl White Kraft 220ml for Hot and Cold Food in Cebu City


Paper Bowl White Kraft 220ml for Hot and Cold Food

Paper Bowl White Kraft 220ml for Hot and Cold Food

Paper Bowl White Kraft 220ml are made of food grade Kraft paper to prevent leakage. This natural material container is rugged and safe to use.

Our soup bowls are versatile and can be used for birthday parties, weddings, gatherings of friends, and family camping, making it easier for office workers and students to bring lunch.

This sturdy paper material is suitable for a wide range of temperatures. It can store hot and cold foods such as ice cream, pasta, etc.

The disposable soup bowls made of natural environment is recyclable, does not pollute the environment, is sturdy and durable, and the price is reasonable. If there are quality problems, high quality products responsible for customers, we will promise to replace or refund you completely. You can shop with confidence!

Perfect For Storing Hot Soups, Stews, Yogurt, Cake, Pie, or Any Food You Desire. These Containers are Used by Thousands of Happy Customers and in Grocery Stores. These Gorgeous Paper Cups Are Exactly What You Need to Store Food For Your Next Birthday Party, Wedding, Holiday Celebration, Church Activity, Family Get Together, Or any Other Event. These Paper Food Storage Containers are Very Thick and Sturdy to Enable You to Store Food to Keep it Warm or in the Refrigerator for Long Periods of Time



Note: Lids sold separately  
Packing Sizes: 100pcs / spool  
Minimum Order: 1 spool