Paper Food Tray Brown Kraft 200ml in Cebu City


Paper Food Tray Brown Kraft 200ml

Paper Food Tray Brown Kraft 200ml

Paper Food Tray Brown Kraft 200ml is crafted from a single piece of paperboard, our heavy-duty paper food trays feature a clay coating to keep grease, moisture, and oil from leaking or damaging the tray. They contain everything from french fry grease to melted ice cream with ease. Add in the extra protection of a matching, grease resistant liner and your customers will thank you when they don’t have to remove stains from clothing after eating, and you’ll thank yourself when you don’t have to spend hours cleaning grease stains and sticky residue off of tables.

Pro-Grade Quality. Don't grab a flimsy napkin for your burger basket liner - grab food grade tissue paper and keep the grease off your guests! Also makes a great french fry paper!

Ideal for Restaurant and Fundraising Events. Need a tray for banana splits? Done. Need a tray for hot dogs? Done. Our restaurant-grade trays eliminate the need to buy multiple types and are perfect for whatever festival foods you want to serve.

One Tray to Serve Them All. Simplify your life by using trays designed for hot and cold foods. Our versatile trays allow you to serve anything from hot festival favorites like chicken tenders, corn dogs, mozzarella sticks, and fried desserts to cold foods like pasta salad, fruits and vegetables, banana splits, and more with ease!

Show Off Your Food. Whether it is at a backyard party, picnic, carnival, or any other fun event everyone likes to be appreciated for their work. Our open top trays showcase your food in a way that will have people coming up to you with compliments and orders as soon as they see it.

Is This Bundle Microwavable? Absolutely, 100% Yes! The basket liner and basket are both microwave safe and won’t leach chemicals into food like some plastic and Styrofoam products.



Size: 200ml 
Dimension: 10.6x6.8mm
Material: Paper 
Colour: Brown Kraft 
Packaging Size: 1000pcs/ctn 
Minimum Order: 1 ctn